Range Info - Naples Gun Range & Emporium

The Naples Gun Range & Emporium offers our customers a gun store and range experience that can not be found anywhere else in the Naples Florida area.

Our indoor firing range is a well lit and climate controlled environment that provides you with the most comfortable and enjoyable shooting experience possible.

Our store featuers an 8 lane shooting range by the world leader in shooting range eqiupment and design, Action Targets. We also have steel dueling tree targets go along with the more traditional paper target system available to try.

The Gunfighter™ Ti Entertainment Simulation System is another exciting shooting experience available to you. With hundreds of simulation scenarios to try out, the Gunfighter™ Ti Entertainment Simulation System is a system better seen than described.

If you are new to shooting or you're planning on visiting our range for the first time please take a few minutes to watch this video on gun and range safety.


Range Fees & Memberships

Range Fee Pricing Notes
Single Visit $15.00 / Hour $ 7.50 For Second Shooter Shared Lane
Single Membership $300.00 / Year Unlimited Range Time For One Year
Family Membership $350.00 / Year 2 Adults + Children Under 21 In Household

Ammunition Info - We carry frangible lead free ammo in .22lr, 9mm, 38 Special, 380 ACP, 357 Sig, 40 S&W, 45ACP, 44 Mag. Ammo prices vary, starting from $12 for .22lr.

Rental Info - We have a wide selection of handguns to try on our rental board. The cost to rent a handgun is $15 for a single caliber or $25 for up to 3 different calibers. This enables new shooters to be able to make an educated decision prior to selecting a gun to purchase.


Go Green - About Our Lead Free Range

The range at Naples Gun Range & Emporium is excellent for first-time shooters or the experienced. The privacy and safety at our range will allow you to get acquainted with our assortment of firearms in a “No-Rush” and very upscale atmosphere. You will find instructors that are highly skilled and cater to new shooters as well as to Gun Enthusiasts and Skilled Marksmen.

Our indoor air-conditioned range consists of 8 lanes with excellent lighting and ventilation, giving you the perfect shooting experience. With our advanced monitoring system we are able to offer our customers a safe and friendly environment. At our range we offer a variety of targets, including those used by various law enforcement and security agencies.

The only ammo permited for use on our range is ammunition with frangible lead free projectiles. This ammo eliminates the risk of lead expsoure to our staff, customers, and the environment. We carry a wide assortment of "green" ammo available in most common handgun calibers. If you prefer you may bring your own ammunition but it must be marked lead free. For safety and in accordance with our insurance carrier's policy reloaded ammunition is also not allowed on our range.

You may shoot handgun and hand gun caliber rifles on our range. We do not allow rifle calibers or shotguns on the shooting range.

Eye and ear protection is always required when on the shooting range. Shooters under 21 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Interactive Simulator

Naples Gun Range & Emporium features the Gunfighter™ Ti Entertainment Simulation System. The only interactive firearms simulation system in the Naples - Southwest Florida area.

From the TITraining.com Website - "Thanks to key partnerships, Ti Training's simulator technology used in Law Enforcement training has begun to find its way into the commercial world at private gun ranges. The result is an entirely NEW Simulator Experience we call The Gunfighter!"


Foreign Visitor Information

Naples Gun Range & Emporium welcomes visitors from Europe, Canada and the rest of the world to visit our state of the art shooting range, firearms simulator and retail store. Please review the information below for everything you'll need before coming in for your first visit.

• No appointment or reservation needed
• Bring in your Passport or Photo ID
• Your group will be given a safety lesson
• Surcharge for new shooters, $10.00 for 2 shooters, $20.00 for 4 and so forth
• View range fees, gun rentals and more information here

Products and Inventory

The Naples Gun Range & Emporium stocks products and inventory from all of the major gun and ammunition manufacturers.

Please come by and visit our store to view the products and inventory from all these major manufacturers and more.